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Why I’m Thankful for my Dog

Why I’m Thankful for my Dog
Dogwoods Lodge employees share what they love best about their four-legged friends.

This time of year it’s easy to get caught up with the turkey and discounted shopping. But we really should take time to reflect on the things we’re truly thankful for. And …

3 ways to reduce the spook.

Halloween can be scary for your dogs.
3 ways to reduce the spook.


  1. The Spook: The Costume.

Who doesn’t want to see your dog as beloved Yoda or wrapped in a bun? Well, perhaps not your dog. Despite your pup’s unwillingness to wear a costume, safety concerns do crop …

Meet Alice: The Featured September Dog

AliceLongtime Dogwoods Lodge fans know: Alice is one smart cookie. And she better be — she and her sister, Libby, wear the praise as Dogwoods Lodge mascots and best friends to owner, Jessica Lohry.

Jessica trained the cattle-dog mix herself. Agility, narcotics, search and rescue, advanced obedience, CGC—and even certified …

5 puppy faces you can’t say no to …

… And Dogwoods Lodge employees trying to harness their powers. 

Who wore the cute face better? Dog or dog counselor? You tell us! (We think we already know who’ll win, though.)













Have a happy 4th!

The 4th of July

Keep your dog safe and calm

Dogs aren’t singing the same tune about fireworks as Katy Perry. In fact, this patriotic day that goes out with a bang is one of the highest ranking for dog escapes. On top of that, some dogs become nervous …

You vacation. They vacation.

You vacation. They Vacation.
When you’re having fun away, so are they — at Dogwoods Lodge

You find an adventure at Adventureland.
They find an adventure during daycamp.

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You get pampered at the resort spa.
They get pampered at Spa Dogwoods Lodge.




You meet new friends …

6 ways to keep you and your dog active

6 ways to keep you and your dog active

Make the most of the nice weather — for you and your dog.

  1. Catch a classic game. Ball? Frisbee? Stick? Go on! Throw it, and watch your dog soar after with a grin in his heart and a wag in his

Dog Safety Tips

Dog days of summer

3 safety tips for your dog this season

dog safety tips

What better time of the year than summer to enjoy the outdoors with your dog? Fetch, runs, trips to the pool, picnics… But caution: Too much of a good thing can go sour. Be sure to keep these …