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Dogwoods Lodge dog boarding entrance.Give your dog the vacation of a lifetime at the Lodge! Check out our list of great options:

CHALETS include:

  • Log beds with plush bedding
  • Spacious rooms (up to 170 sq ft)
  • 7 outings every day (equals 1-1.5 hrs outside/day)
  • TV’s for entertainment/background noise
  • Window views of the hallways

Some also include:

  • Window views of the yards
  • Outdoor covered patios

CABINS include:

  • Comfy cot beds
  • Various room sizes (up to 90 sq ft)
  • 7 outings every day
  • TV’s for entertainment/background noise
  • Window views of the hallways

Some also include:

  • Outdoor covered patios

*Large pack? No problem. If one of our large Chalets isn’t big enough, we have Chalets and Cabins with adjoining doors—creating double the space for your canine family (up to 120 sq ft of space!)

What to pack for your dog:

  • Proof of Vaccinations (if not up to date in our system)
  • Pre-measured meals separated into individual baggies. *Although this is not mandatory, it ensures that you have brought enough food for your dog’s stay, and gives you the confidence that your dog is being fed the correct amount each meal.
  • Leash/collar
  • Meds (if needed)

Optional items:

  • Bed or blanket that is familiar to them (note: we DO provide beds for all dogs)
  • Chew toys – limit 3 (must be non-destructable chew toys such as Nylabones)

Do NOT Bring:

  • Soft toys (choking hazard and easy to lose)
  • Rawhides or other edible chew items* (choking hazard)
  • Toys containing squeakers

*Note: we have approved bones and other items for sale at the store to keep your chewer busy and happy.


In order to make your dog’s stay as stress-free as possible, we highly recommend getting your dog acclimated to Dogwoods prior to their stay. They will be much more at ease staying in a familiar place that they enjoy. The best way to do this is by taking them to Daycamp two or more times prior to their stay. If they are not very social dogs, try Day-boarding, a training class or just visiting our lobby a couple of times. The more familiar they are with the Lodge, the more they will relax and enjoy their stay!


Lewey is always so excited to go to Dogwoods! They take great care of him while he’s there and comes home so happy (and tired)! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful get-away for him. The staff are so friendly and you can tell they love their guests!

Sherry G.

When we go on vacation, this is the only place we trust to take care of our precious Shannon Emma. She stays at Dogwoods Lodge an average of 3 times a year. The care she receives is beyond perfect. She loves her cuddle times and private play times. If I could, I’d give 10 stars. The staff treats her like a princess which of course she is. She has her own room and bed, as opposed to a cage like they have at other facilities. No way! We’d stay home before we’d leave her anywhere else. Thank you to the staff for taking such good care of our girl!!

Linda E.

Addison absolutely loves Dogwoods. Whether she is attending dog camp for the day or staying the weekend, she is always well cared for. We appreciate the care and time staff spend with her.

Lynette W.

Our dog Jake has stayed at Dogwoods many times. When we pick him up he’s always happy, clean, and looks like he’s had a great time. We feel confident when leaving him there, that he’s well taken care of!

Anna B.

I have boarded my dog Zoey here since Dogwoods opened. The staff there is incredible, and my dog is always overly excited to visit. Having lived in several cities around the country, I can safely say their facilities are frankly some of the best in the country, so I would highly recommend Dogwoods to any and all dog owners!!