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Why your dog hates being left home alone.

Ever notice that when you start packing your lunch for the day, your dog starts panting as if he just ran a marathon? Or maybe it’s when you exchange the sweatpants for jeans. Or maybe the moment you sling your purse or bag over your shoulder. Your dog knows you’re leaving — and unless you grab his leash and invite him along, chances are he’s not happy about it, because he knows that means he’ll be home alone.


You’re going somewhere exciting — and he’s going to miss out.

So maybe you’re not going anywhere exciting, but anywhere with you is exciting for your dog. He’s a member of your family. And he likes to stay with you, because when you leave he doesn’t know when or if you’ll be back, and he thinks he’s missing out on a super fun day with you.


It’s boring to be home alone.

So maybe he’s going to go chew on the corner of the couch to pass his time. Dogs need stimulation and exercise. But when left home alone all day, they often end up entertaining themselves in ways we owners aren’t too happy about. Or, they simply sleep all day and expect play, play, play! when you get home from a tiring day.


He’s got to go.

The bathroom. Bad. But there’s a pane of glass between him and his designated toilet and no one around with opposable thumbs. It’s bad for his bladder to hold it; it’s bad for your carpet for him not to.


But guess what? You don’t have to leave your dog home alone when you’re gone for the day! Bring them to Dogwoods Lodge, and we’ll provide frequent bathroom breaks, socialization, and optional amenities like Daycamp, buddy time, private walks or runs, and more. When you pick your dog up, you’ll have a well-exercised, happy pup ready to snuggle up next to you for the night.


Treat your dog to a fun-filled day while you’re away — ask about our Play Day Package!

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