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Doggy Daycamp

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At Dogwoods Lodge, we offer the ultimate Daycamp experience for your dog.  Our well-trained staff is passionate about dogs and will go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable time with us.

Why Do Daycamp?

Daycamp Features

(For ages 5 months and up. Puppies under 5 months will be enrolled in Pup-Camp, which is a modified version of Daycamp. Description below.)

  • Small group play mixed with mentally enriching games (equals a safer, happier play environment)
  • 4 huge indoor/outdoor play yards
  • Canine turf made just for dogs—this means no muddy dogs!
  • Constant supervision of play groups by highly-trained staff
  • Indoor yards feature rubberized flooring, a variety of toys, and play equipment
  • Web-Cams so you can watch your dog play!
  • Rotational naptimes (give dogs much needed breaks to recoup, cool off, and snooze)
  • Play pools and hoses for those “water lovers”
  • Play equipment and shade structures to keep the fun going for hours
  • 8’ high fences to keep climbers in


Click to view our Daycamp Gallery!

(for ages 9 weeks to 5 months)

Pup-Camp is now offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays!  It is a GREAT way to exercise, train, and socialize your pup with other dogs, people, and environments.  There is no other program like it. You are sure to love the results.


Pup-Camp Features

Dog Socialization

Dog socialization with other puppies and select well-behaved dogs.

  • Why is this awesome?
    • Safe environment for socializing where all puppies/dogs are verified as vaccinated and non-aggressive (unlike a dog park)
    • A well socialized puppy is the key to avoiding dog and people aggression, as well as fears and phobias, in the future
    • Perfect learning environment for learning pack behavior, bite inhibition, dog body language, and other canine-taught lessons

Constant Supervision

Constant supervision of play groups by highly-trained staff

Beginner training

Beginner training including, but not limited to: no jumping, no mouthing/biting, sit (stay), “kennel-up”, wait, and come (Yes, our staff train the pups in home manners! It is crucial for them to learn to behave around other dogs and people at a young age, so we teach them to do so around those very distractions.) We also continue their potty training while they are here.

NOTE: Owners must sign up for a minimum of 6 pup-camp sessions.  (This is because 1 or 2 “puppy play dates” is not enough to socialize your dog well, nor is it enough to learn any solid skills.  It is also because we include one “train the owner session” with pup-camp, so that you can follow through at home and solidify their new manners.)

**For puppies, their vaccines only need to be up to date for their age.  For example, a 9 week old pup is only old enough to have had one round of vaccinations, so that is the requirement for a 9 week old pup.


We LOVE Dogwoods for our energetic little dingo, Hazel. We have used the training and boarding services, but our favorite is daycamp. You can watch them play on the webcam – it’s hilarious! The staff is so sweet and the report cards are awesome. We will continue to bring Hazel.

Katherine K.

I cannot say enough about how much I love this place and the people!! The entire staff is beyond amazing and they truly love my Leo as much as I do!! Every day when we park and get out of the car, my little guy is “dragging” me to get in the doors because he is so excited to be at Dogwoods!! Thank you for being so good to my Leo!!

Brooke B.

Our Aussies love Dogwoods. Both girls participated in puppy camp and learned super social skills and manners. They can’t wait to go to daycamp every week. The staff is super professional and attentive. So happy our dogs can spend time at a place that is the 4 Seasons of dog care.

Kelly W.

My dog, Hank, LOVES Dogwoods! We are so thankful we have the option to take him daycare a few times per week to burn off his puppy energy. The staff is awesome, and if I ever have any questions, they are quick to respond. Wouldn’t trust anywhere else to take my dog!

Samantha B.

We absolutely love Dogwoods Lodge doggy daycamp! Our dog goes once or twice per week and has such a blast. We love to see her report card to know what she did each day. It is very apparent the staff treats our dog with so much love. It is a very clean facility and they do so many different activities with the pups. Would highly recommend!

Abby H.

We loved being able to take our dog to Dogwoods. We have been to other daycares and Dogwoods stands out above the rest. They split the dogs into groups based on size/temperament. We actually had to move our dog to another group because he was having issues. Instead of just telling us that he was not behaving that day or kicking us out, they actually took the time to figure out a solution. We wish we lived closer to make it feasible for us to keep bringing our dog here!

Caryn B.

Best day care I use for my very energetic and intelligent one year old German Shepherd/Lab mix. The interactive games with staff, small group play, and facility sold it for me–and I’m picky!

Alycia J.

My dog loves doing daycamp at Dogwoods! He gets so excited in the parking lot when he gets dropped off and doesn’t ever want to leave. He is always super worn out the night after daycamp so I know they do a good job playing with him!

Mikayla W.