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Client: Julia Higgins
Dog: George & Sara

Here are ways that Dogwoods Lodge staff has stood out to me as being spectacular:
1. I was touched that my dogs’ eyes were clean. That was one little thing that I did not at all expect.
2. When I was in the lobby, a staff member passing through said hello to my dogs by name, it just melted my heart.
3. The first time my dogs ever boarded at Dogwoods, I expected them to be scared, but they seemed to go quite willingly right to the staff.
4. The staff seemed super keyed in to my dogs’ care.
5. I was so impressed with every single employee there. The gals behind the counter couldn’t be nicer. The employees seem so young, but I’m always blown away by how professional they are and how they just seem to know what they are doing.
I love this place and the staff is awesome!


Client: Brooke Klingbeil
Dog: Maverick

I cannot express how much our Maverick loves Dogwoods! The people are great and always so friendly! They are always super responsive when I have questions and I can truly feel confident that Maverick is in good hands. He gets so excited to get to Daycamp that he barks as soon as I tell him we are going in! He always comes home tired and I know he has had plenty of play time. Plus, I enjoy that I can watch and check in on the live cam. I love that he can go socialize in a clean and safe environment. We have also boarded twice and both times have been great. We love the chalets. Thank you, Dogwoods Lodge! You are so appreciated!


Client: Daphne Christensen
Dog: Parker & Zoey

At first, I was super nervous to leave my dogs. They both have so much anxiety, and typically we have someone stay in our home with them while we travel. I had run out of options, and booked them at Dogwoods Lodge. I am very happy with the frequency and responsiveness of the Dogwoods staff’s emails. I am very pleased and know I’ll get more and more comfortable leaving them.


Client: Jerry & Ann Hardy
Dog: Buddy

We have used Dogwoods Lodge for both Daycamp and Lodging. Buddy, our mini-Aussie, loves being there because of their professional staff. He pulls me in the front door because he is so anxious to see his fellow dog friends and of course the staff. We have recommended Dogwoods Lodge to our friends and neighbors. Buddy always comes home to us in great shape. We appreciate the job they do, because after all our pets are our family.


Client: Stephanie Kramer-Myles
Dog: Kassidy & Chevy

I appreciate everyone at Dogwoods Lodge and the care they give my babies! Chevy and Kassidy are always happy to see all of them. They treat my dogs like they are their own. They are a 10 in my book!


Client: Jenny & Jeff Markey
Dog: Mac & Macie

Our two puppies have been going to Dogwoods lodge for the past few months for day camp and I cannot say enough good things about this place! The staff, the facility, everything is top notch! They make our dogs feel special and secure. Our family feels blessed to have found this place!


Client: Catherine Thomas
Dog: Rass

Since our dog Rass was old enough we have been taking him to Dogwoods Lodge (1.5 years) and have utilized all the services they offer. After testing out several places in the area initially, Dogwoods Lodge exceeded our expectations right away and the facility and staff shine above and beyond in many areas. Rass loves this place and always is excited go to day camp (he goes 1-3 days a week)! They always have fun things for him to do and I have never worried about his health or safety. Here is a quick list of items Dogwoods Lodge & the staff do amazingly well in no particular order:

1. Customer Service: Jessica, the owner, has done an amazing job finding employees. All are very friendly, professional, and personable, know Rass and us by name, and treat Rass as if he was their own. They also have great respect for their customers. They are very flexible with our needs and requests.

2. Cleanliness: This facility is amazingly clean. This includes all areas, indoor & out.

3. Services Offered: A tremendous selection of services offered, from lodging, grooming, training, day camp & more. We have utilized all of these services and have been extremely happy with the results.

4. Affordable: Their pricing is very competitive with other companies, especially for the facility, care and services they offer.

5. Safety and Welfare: At no time have I ever worried about Rass’ safety & welfare. We have left him at the facility for 7+ days while out of town and I think he may enjoy staying more with them then coming back home!

6. Fun: Dogwoods keeps things fun, Easter eggs hunts, awards for their best skills, activities at Christmas, and more. It is a great way to keep owners involved in the fun Dogwoods Lodge has to offer.

My husband and I could not be happier with this facility. Jessica, the owner, is truly running a business she loves and it shows. We would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a lifetime facility relationship for their dog or even just services on occasion.


Client: Megan Vandenbos
Dog: Addison

We would highly recommend Dogwood’s Board and Train, Doggy daycare, or any other service Dogwood’s Lodge offers!! My significant other and I recently moved to the Des Moines area with our two-year old German Shepherd, Addy. Prior to moving here, Addy had several behavior problems, mostly surrounding her nervousness and anxiousness, that we hoped DWL would be able to help her with. After talking to friends and family who lived here, Jessica came highly recommended from all. We researched DWL, their website, and their reviews online and were immediately impressed by their professionalism, their love for animals, and their genuine caring nature. Our initial meeting with Jessica was better than could have ever been expected! She exudes passion and knowledge in all manors of behavior when it comes to your pet. We immediately recognized that Jessica and her staff truly invest in all of the dogs that they bring into their building and we knew that they would do everything in their power to help Addy overcome her anxiety and make her truly enjoy a boarding/daycare environment. We enrolled Addy in the 3-week Board and Train Program, in addition to the daily doggy daycare. Initially, Addy was hesitant, but now Jessica might be her favorite person on the planet! It took Addy 3 short days to warm-up, being a generally nervous dog, but she showed drastic improvement throughout the program and that was all due to Jessica’s persistent and caring training with Addy. After the 3 week program, Addy came home a new an improved dog! She now walks well on the leash, listens to all of her commands, and is much more social with other dogs and handlers as well as considerably less anxious. We have no doubt that without DWL and without Jessica’s continued guidance and training, Addy would not be the dog she is today. Addy and her owners would HIGHLY recommend Jessica and the Dogwood’s Lodge staff, we continue to be pleased every day we go in how fantastic the entire staff is and how much fun the dogs have while in attendance! Thank you Dogwood’s Lodge, you’re the best!!


Client: Tiffany Torstenson
Dog: Lucey (the Drake Bulldog, 2014)

Dogwoods has become our second home for our dog Lucey. She goes to daycare six out of the seven days a week and gets boarded also when we go out of town. Lucey loves going to daycare in the morning and anxiously awaits by the door so she can go play. Her face truly lights up when she steps foot into their lobby. The staff is great and Jessica, the owner, is a wonderful and amazing trainer. She trained Lucey to wave and sit in a wagon for the Drake Bulldog contest and Lucey won it. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dogwoods. They truly pamper the dogs and make them feel at home.


Client: Tony and Barbara Hawbaker
Dog: Harry

We can’t say enough great things about Dogwoods Lodge! The entire staff at Dogwoods Lodge are professional and very caring. Our little Harry has been a twice a week day camper at Dogwoods sense September 2014. All the small dog counselors are the best! Harry has bundles of energy and really burns off all that energy and comes home completely exhausted. Andrew and all the small dog counselors are very tentative to each little day camper and most definitely love them all as if they were their own! Not only is Harry a regular at day camp he’s also experienced boarding and grooming, and I highly recommend all three! Holly the groomer is awesome! She has really made Harry feel as ease and built a trusting bond with him. Meg, Page, Jena, Morgan, Andrea and all the front desk staff are awesome and always greet Harry by name when I drop him off and love to share Harry’s day and report card when we pick him up. We highly recommend Dogwoods Lodge for all your pet care needs! Thank you Dogwoods Lodge for making Harry feel like it really is all about him!


Client: Joyce Dana
Dog: Sundae

Our little pug has been coming to Dogwoods since its opening and we couldn’t be more thrilled! He goes to daycare on a regular basis and has spent many overnights. I love everything about Dogwoods, from his daily report cards, to the extra cuddle time he gets when he spends the night, to the absolutely AWESOME staff. The peace of mind we have knowing our little doggy is in such good caring and loving hands means the world to us! (extra perk: the place is incredibly clean!)


Client: Carolyn Koberg
Dogs: Hayden and Wyatt

Thank you Dogwoods Lodge for providing Hayden and Wyatt a fun day on Saturday. We were able to attend the Hawkeye game and the dogs had a super time playing, running and socializing with other doggy friends. Fun day for all.


Client: Melanie Johnson
Dog: Murphy

Jessica Lohry, the owner and inspiration behind Dogwoods Lodge, just set the “gold standard” for dog care establishments in the Des Moines area! From the time I walked into the building with my Bichon Frise puppy, Murphy, I sensed this place was different from other dog care facilities. The difference is simple, I discovered – they love dogs and they know we love ours!

Murphy has tried the day camp and grooming services. I highly recommend both. I’ve taken Murphy there almost weekly for day camp. He practically bolts for the front door now to get inside. His tail is wagging as he arrives and he’s eager to get out to the play area. It’s as if he’s returning to his favorite dog social club. He wants to see Wilson, Gatsby, Moose, Izzy, and the other dogs who are there that day.

The caring “camp counselors” who oversee the small dog day camp play areas are fabulous. They welcome Murphy as he joins the pack that is running around already, intervene if things get too rambunctious, and see that the dogs get a midday rest period. I enjoy the daily written recap via the report card they send home. Murphy is truly one “happy camper” when I pick him up. He’s had fun and is tuckered out from all the play with his new dog day camp buddies. I’m delighted because I know he is in a safe environment under the watchful eye of caring people. Jessica, the owner, personally screens every dog for temperament before allowing them to join the day camp. That’s extra peace of mind. Their website now has a live video camera so we can see what’s going on at camp.

Holly the groomer is first rate! My puppy had only been to a groomer twice before meeting Holly. After both occasions he ended up injured and in need of veterinarian care. The first time he got infections in both ears, had to go to the emergency room and was on antibiotics for weeks. The second time he was nicked on his belly and got a staph infection; resulting in another trip to the vet and more antibiotics. It was traumatic for both of us. He needed a positive grooming experience. I talked to Holly before making an appointment. She listened, understood my concerns, and was petting Murphy reassuringly as she placed him on the grooming table as we talked. She developed a plan to ensure that Murphy’s next experience with a groomer was good. It was! He came out looking like a white, fluffy, adorable Bichon. He enjoyed the oohs and aahs he got from everyone as he walked around the front entryway. What a relief to know that a trip to a groomer doesn’t have to result in injury and a trip to the vet. I am grateful to Holly for breaking that cycle. And a special “thank you” to Alice, one of the Dogwoods Lodge mascots who sat with me in the waiting area while Murphy had his grooming appointment. She was very calming!

The time they’ve invested to make this a safe, clean, friendly, and fun place for dogs and their humans is reflected everywhere. Rochelle, Hanna and the other friendly people at the front desk greet me and Murphy by name. Jessica is an involved owner that is frequently onsite. The camp counselors Lindsy, Hadley, Andrew, & Hailey are great with the small dogs.

Next up: Murphy and I have signed up for Janine’s training class. Looking forward to it!


Client: Ben Meisner
Dog: Fergie

We have utilized Dogwoods Lodge for both boarding and daycare! We are very impressed with the facilities, cleanliness, and compassion of the staff! Fergie (our Vizsla) has lots of energy and Dogwoods Lodge is the perfect place for her to play and stay! Thanks!


Client: Ellen Burford
Dog: Cotton

In early April 2013, we discovered that our four month old mix, Cotton, was fear aggressive towards people. After a referal, we decided to leave him in the care of Dogwoods Lodge for boarding and training while we were on vacation for a week. After the first ten minutes there, I knew we had left him at the right place! Jessica had already been able to make progress with him. I was also pleased with the accommodations and how pleasant the staff was.

Let me tell you, after a week, I was FLOORED! My growly, barky, “I’m gonna eat you” dog became a star with the dogs in day care as well as the staff there. He was WILLINGLY spending time with other people and was so well behaved (automatic sit when the trainer stopped?!?!? WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?) The trainers have been awesome! I think I hug them every time I come in to bring Cotton back to day camp (what a great program!!!) The staff know what they are doing and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and are patient to answer all your questions! I will recommend Dogwoods Lodge until my dying day! They have made my once scared puppy, a happy one. Thank you so much!!!!