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Why Do Daycare?

Why do daycare?

A letter from the owner:

When I first graduated from training school, I thought daycare was a terrible idea.  You are throwing a bunch of random dogs into a pack and expecting them to just get along.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  And while there is some truth to that, I have since witnessed what amazing things daycare can do for dogs, and am now a strong advocate (providing the daycare is clean, supervised, and all dogs are temperament tested). 

So, why is daycare so great?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. It gets dogs used to being in a kennel setting.  This is very important because it keeps them from being stressed out when you have to leave them there for the weekend/week.
  2. It can help fearful, timid dogs come out of their shell and start socializing with both dogs and people better—often by learning from other dogs.
  3.  It can give owners a way to exercise those dogs that seem impossible to wear out.  And, for people with low to normal energy dogs, 1-3 days of daycare per week can be enough to exercise your dog for the entire week!
  4. It can help dogs with separation anxiety learn to be away from their owners.
  5. It keeps dogs socialized in a safe setting—and a well socialized dog means less chance of aggression and anxiety.
  6. Most dogs love it!  And, those that do truly enjoy coming to play with their “friends” on a regular basis. It becomes their favorite place to be—other than with you, of course.

Jessica Lohry

Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist

Dogwoods Lodge Owner and Trainer